The Maine Work Boots Alliance is a coalition of farmers, landowners, business owners, legislators, town officials, water treatment officials, and environmentalists who believe that Maine must embrace environmental and economic sustainability through common-sense legislation and community collaboration.

The alliance was formed to support rigorous standards of testing as an amendment to LD 1911 which in its current state ignores the science of testing and monitoring PFAS materials in the sludge, biosolids, and compost.

While the recent discovery of these chemicals on a few farms in Maine is tragic, it was likely caused by the spreading of sludge and biosolids decades ago before levels were measured and regulated. The use of biosolids and sludge containing minuscule levels of forever chemicals has been ongoing in Maine since its approval in 2020 with no evidence of ill effects on humans.

LD 1911 in its current state would put Maine farmers at a competitive disadvantage, forcing them to pay for extremely expensive fertilizer, while also creating significant costs associated with municipal management of wastewater sludge.

Members of the Alliance include:

Maine Farm Bureau

Maine Water Environment Association (MEWEA)

Maine Organics

Maine State Chamber of Commerce

Maine Septage Haulers Alliance

Maine Better Transportation Association

North East Biosolids & Residuals Association (NEBRA)

National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)

Maine Campground Owners Association

Town of Frenchville

Town of Madawaska

Ethan Henley, Farmer

William Renaud Jr. Trucking, Inc.

Nest & Sons, Inc., Sanitation Specialist

Rumford-Mexico Sewerage District

Scarborough Sanitary District

Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

Ellsworth Wastewater Department

York Sewer District

Ogunquit Sewer District

Dean Property Services

Huber Engineered Woods LLC

Ken Allen’s Septic

Pelletier Sewer Services

Pinkham’s Greenhouse & Garden Center

O’Donal’s Nursery

David Barker, Barker Farms

Tibbetts Farm

Plants Unlimited

McElwain Strawberry Farm

P.A. Lyford, Inc.